Stressed, exhausted, frustrated?
We’ve been there.

Solle’s story began over a decade ago when our Founder Greg Halliday and his wife Donna were searching for a natural way to approach her struggle with depression. It seemed everything they tried either wasn’t effective enough, came with unwanted side effects or didn’t last. After years of trying everything from herbs to lifestyle changes and medication, they learned about adaptogens.

You can watch their full story here!

Greg and Danna's Video Story

Discovering adaptogens

Unlike drugs that force a certain outcome, adaptogens are natural substances (such as mushrooms and herbs) that work with both mind and body to help reestablish balance and elevate the body’s ability to adapt to physical and mental stressors.

Plus, they carry no risk of addiction or serious side effects and are generally safe for daily use.

Filling in the gaps
left by Western medicine

When Greg and Donna began incorporating adaptogens into her health routine, they felt as if a missing piece was finally set into place. It wasn’t that adaptogens “cured” Donna of her depression, it was that adaptogens provided a unique and necessary emotional support that wasn’t being addressed through Western medicine or lifestyle alone.

And the good news is that adaptogens help bridge the gaps in Western medicine for a wide variety of health issues!

Donna’s formula

After extensive researching and experimenting with different combinations of herbs and adaptogens, Greg and Donna finally approved a blend that worked for her , the AdaptAble® Balanced Adaptogen Blend!

Or, as Greg likes to call it,
Donna’s formula.

When Solle officially launched in 2012, this blend was included in two of the nine original products (in drink form via SolleVital® and in capsule form via AdaptAble®). These formulas haven’t changed and are best-sellers to this day!

Where we're at today

Today, Donna still uses AdaptAble as a daily part of her mental-health regimen. And while stress and depression have not disappeared from her life, she no longer feels a sense of hopelessness.

As for the Solle product-line, it has since expanded to over thirty products and three countries!

Pleasant Grove, UtahUnited StatesMexicoCanada

What we do differently

Products that dually strengthen body & mind

Adaptogens in every formula

Synergistic formulas to address root cause

Therapeutic doses in every serving

Giving Back

For us, one of the key indicators of improved health and wellness is the desire and ability to share that strength and abundance with others, or in other words, to give back. That’s why within a year of officially launching Solle, we created the Cynthia M. Reed Heart & Solle Foundation. Through this foundation, we partner with carefully selected organizations to help fund compassionate service to those suffering physically and/or emotionally.

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