Mental Health

We are more stressed now than ever. This can lead to stress-induced anxiety and depression, among a flood of other health issues.

At Solle, we’ve harnessed adaptogens’ ability to help you adapt to stress. They work by helping the body regulate hormones, reduce inflammation, increase energy and support immune function. They are one of nature’s many ways of promoting balance and resilience.

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Daily detox + nutrition $47.25


Balance stress + mood $32.65


Vegan vitamin D3 $33.75

Neuro IM®

Cognitive immunity $31.95


Clean energy + focus $42.95

ProBio IQ®

Probiotics with purpose $28.95


Plant-based omegas $44.85


Centered calm $46.15

Solle Contentment CompassBlend

Essential oil roll-on $23.25
As with all nutritional, root-cause approaches, your best results will come when paired with a complete program and consistency!

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